Charitable Organization Commitment Form

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Charity understands and agrees with the benefits stated below:

Charity Benefits:

  • One-stop shop for a large portion of your more common and some unique items needed for your fundraising auctions. Charities may have the opportunity in receiving up to $20,000 worth of donations when available.
  • Site is supplied constantly and the inventory changes. Check back often… the goods and services are on a first come first serve basis.
  • Provide copy of business license, non-profit certificate, EIN of charity to business/merchant when requested.
  • Frees up volunteer hours on other more pressing needs for the event.
  • Low annual registration fee of ONLY $100.00.
  • Low Service fee ONLY if the item is successfully auctioned!
  • Return of un-auctioned items.
  • Emailed “Thank You” on behalf of the charitable organization to the Business/Merchant of donated item(s) with the amount auctioned, name of recipient, contact email and/or phone number.
  • Items will be given an item number for ease of tracking, both within our system and yours.
  • Silent or Live Auction must take place within six (6) months of securing the auction items

        Charity Agrees:                           

  1. Agrees to compensate Gallery of Hope, a six percent (6%) service fee (SF) of the face value of any item that is auctioned at the event within thirty (30) days from close of auction.
  2. Agrees to return any item(s) that were not successfully auctioned within ten (10) days from close of event or auction.
  3. Compensation to Gallery of Hope increases as follows if initial thirty (30) day deadline is exceeded;

               Thirty-One (31) to Sixty (60) days : Ten (10%) percent SF

               Sixty-One (61) to Ninety (90) days : Fifteen (15%) percent SF

               Ninety-One (91) to One-Hundred-Twenty (120) days : Twenty-Five (25%)
               percent SF